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ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.6

It is a high quality reverb for everyday use in a professional studio (See all)

The ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.2 package is the solution for your need to have an excellent quality reverb at you fingertips. The plug-in is your reverb solution for any professional studio.
The ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.2 is not based on the convolution or any other similar technology but using algorithms and new methods you have excellent and high quality results. The ArtsAcoustic Reverb is a very useful studio plug-in that unlike other reverb plug-ins is easy to use and it also has the advantage of low CPU usage. It has been designed with the best user interface enabling the user to create the best sound experience by enhancing the user’s creativity to the maximum. This easy to use algorithmic reverb does not involve convolution and it allows editing the room/reverb to suit into any given situation. The plug-in comes with over 200 presets that may be of use everyday in the studio with a variety of different room styles and signal types for easier preset browsing.

The ArtsAcoustic Reverb 1.2 is a highly advanced algorithmic reverb which has complete control over all the parameters to design a room to get excellent results.

Luis Sanchez
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